On this page is a list of the missionaries we support around the world.

The Clarks

Mike & Jeannette Clark and their family serve the Lord as Church Planters in Illiamna, Alaska. They are with Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM).

The Leonards

John & Bev Leonard are Chuch Planters in Brazil, also with BMM. Bev is the sister of Brenda Petro, our pastor's wife.

The Mapes

Dan & Karis Mapes serve with BMM as Church Planters in Ghana, West Africa. They are members of Open Door Baptist Church.

Shay & Abigail Babalola

Missionaries to Nigeria

The Kopfs

Jonathan & Susan Kopf and their family are involved in Church Planting and Bible Translation ministry in Papua New Guinea; they serve with New Tribes Mission.

The Silcotts

Timothy & Jane Silcott serve with the Committee on Missionary Evangelism (COME), serving in the field of Evangelism at churches and camps across the United States.

The Adlers

Allen & Marilyn Adler, former members of Open Door Baptist Church, are retired in Townsend, Montana. They are very active in their local church's ministries there. They served for a long time in Native American ministry in Arizona and Montana. They are with BMM.