On this page is a list of the missionaries we support around the world.

The Clarks

Mike & Jeannette Clark and their family serve the Lord as Church Planters in Illiamna, Alaska. They are with Baptist Mid-Missions (BMM).

The Leonards

John & Bev Leonard are Chuch Planters in Brazil, also with BMM. Bev is the sister of Brenda Petro, our pastor's wife.

The Leavells

Monte & Jeneen Leavell travel the United States and some foreign countries in the ministry of Evangelism. Their home is in Idaho.

The Mapes

Dan & Karis Mapes serve with BMM as Church Planters in Ghana, West Africa. They are members of Open Door Baptist Church.

Shay & Abigail Babalola

Missionaries to Nigeria

The Neffs

Patrick & Ruth Neff conduct a Bible conference ministry with Friends of Israel. Their home is in Surprise, Arizona.

The Kopfs

Jonathan & Susan Kopf and their family are involved in Church Planting and Bible Translation ministry in Papua New Guinea; they serve with New Tribes Mission.

George & Lexie Binoka

The mission of Kenya Baptist Ministries is to glorify God, love God, and love others. Our vision is to reach Kenya with the Gospel by planting healthy, biblical local churches, training pastors, and instilling in others a burden for reaching the world with the Gospel.

The Silcotts

Timothy & Jane Silcott serve with the Committee on Missionary Evangelism (COME), serving in the field of Evangelism at churches and camps across the United States.

The Adlers

Allen & Marilyn Adler, former members of Open Door Baptist Church, are retired in Townsend, Montana. They are very active in their local church's ministries there. They served for a long time in Native American ministry in Arizona and Montana. They are with BMM.