Middle and High School

Our Teen Sunday School Class, one element of our youth program, aims to help youth to grow in Christ and to build healthy relationships within our local church. In Sunday school, we build an understanding of the Bible by teaching youth how to study the Bible. We practice the inductive method of study which helps us make sense of both the Bible and our lives. We pray for each other, and we encourage our teens to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior.
We have studied the arch of Bible history and the arch of Bible doctrine (teaching) in order to lay a solid, biblical framework for Christian growth. Our goal is to prepare our young people for growing in Christ for the rest of their lives, no matter where they live or what they do.
Recently, we finished a study of the gospel of Matthew and enjoyed listening weekly to an audio, dramatic presentation of Matthew in The Word of Promise audio Bible series. Through listening and reading, we practice our skills of observation and consider the historical context of Jesus’ life. The dramatic presentation has helped us “live” in the Scripture.
We are about to start a new series which will run through the summer called Seven Marks of a Christ-Follower!  Our discussions are interesting, and our teens are kind and friendly with one another.  We would happily welcome any teen to join our class on Sunday morning at 9:00 in Cooley Hall! See you soon!!