Fird Becker

Fird Becker was born and raised in upstate New York. The Lord saved Fird by grace through faith in 1978, being led to the Lord by the young lady who became his wife, almost 38 years ago. After Fird and Kathy were married, the Lord called Fird to minister to the American Indians in the Southwest. Fird received three years of training at Elohim Bible Institute graduating with a diploma in Theology and Christian Education. Fird has served the Lord over the last 35 years as a youth pastor, missionary pastor on the Navajo and Hualapai reservations and as a teacher for the Indian Bible College on the Havasupai reservation. After serving for sixteen years on Indian reservations in Arizona, the Lord called Fird to pastor two non-Indian churches in Arizona and another in Oklahoma.  Fird subsidized his ministerial income with jobs as a truck driver, cowboy, farrier, and substitute teacher at a public school.  Fird is presently on an indefinite sabbatical from full time ministry but is filling in at the Open Door Baptist Church when and where needed as time allows while Kathy serves the Lord as the administrator of a nearby Christian school.