Women’s Bible Study

Hello!  My name is Terri Grazor and I lead the Ladies’ Bible Study at Open Door.  We are a group of a dozen or so ladies who love the Lord Jesus and each other!  We meet from 10:00 to noon each Tuesday in the Fellowship Hall.  We typically use a study book with 10 to 12 lessons.  I do have to warn you …  we go slowly! This leaves ample time for questions and in-depth discussions for the application of God’s Word to our lives in a real and practical way.  We have come to learn that the studies are richer and more precious when we approach them slowly and thoughtfully instead of speeding along just to check them off our list.  All the ladies who attend are kind and loving.  I just know you would love them all! 
To give you a little idea of what goes on:  We meet at 10 and have coffee and baked goods.  At 10:15 we start the study.  Around 11:30 we stop for prayer.  We do have ladies who have jobs and so they come at the 10:15 mark and leave around 11:30.  If you are one of those, we completely understand your work schedule and hope the time slot would be a fit for you.  We also have ladies attending the study who worship at other churches.  If you already have a home church and are just looking for a good daytime ladies’ Bible study, you just might want to try us out.  Once a month, usually the third Tuesday, we have lunch at Denny’s in Prescott Valley for a time of extended warm fellowship
So… if you’re looking for a Bible study group that focuses on the Word of God, makes applying His Word to our everyday lives a priority, and a group of loving sisters in Christ… please stop by …  you just might find a  little Tuesday home with us.  And if, perhaps,  you are not a Christian and you’re just wanting to know what that Book is all about…great!  We welcome you too!  No strings attached!
We do break for the summer, June through August, but we continue to meet one Tuesday of each of those months for fellowship luncheons.  We also have a special ladies’ fellowship we call “Summer Sonshine” that usually takes place in July.
In closing, I wish I could say that we offer child care! We’d sure like to and perhaps in the future the Lord will bless us with that ability. 
For more information, please call Pastor Tom at (928)772-9206.