Puerta Abierta Ministry

In February of 2013, Open Door Baptist Church began a Spanish-language ministry:  Puerta Abierta (Spanish for "Open Door"). The goal of this ministry is to provide a place for our Spanish-speaking friends to worship, fellowship, and grow in our knowledge of the Lord and His Word. Holding meetings on Sunday afternoons, we meet at 2:30 PM for a time of singing and Bible study. Over the past three years, we have studied the Gospel of John, prophecy, what Baptists believe, and the Ten Commandments, among other Bible topics. Currently, we are  going through the Book of Job.
During our meetings, hymns are sung in Spanish; the lesson is taught in English by Pastor Tom with translation by Milli Ramos, a member of the church. We also provide time for questions and discussion at the conclusion of the Bible study.
On the first Sunday of the month, the Spanish and English congregations meet for dinner together at 11:30 AM and then have a combined service, beginning at 1 o'clock. This meeting is conducted in English with translation into Spanish.
If you live or are visiting in the Prescott Valley area, we invite you to join us for Puerta Abierta.